Background and Rationale

Skin disease is responsible for a considerable burden worldwide.  This includes significant societal, economic, psychological and physical impact. The high prevalence of disabling skin disease affects all regions of the world with the consequent requirement for medical care. There is a lack of awareness of even the commonest skin diseases. For the situation to change globally there is a need for specific campaigns to raise the awareness and understanding of skin disease. The considerable geographic variation dictates that the challenges and health political demands are different. There is common agreement amongst dermatologists that the situation needs to change.

The programme “Grand Challenges in Global Skin Health (GCIGSH)” initiated by members of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and supported by dermatologists, patient groups and non-medical bodies intends to support global awareness of skin diseases. In particular, its objective is to generate robust, health care data for skin diseases to support the identification and distribution of health political claims. 


GCIGSH intends to:

Status, Membership and Collaboration

GCIGSH is a free collaboration of individuals and societies who support the aims of the GCIGSH agenda. It is organised and coordinated by the ILDS in collaboration with other societies. In the founding phase, cooperating societies are the IFPA, the IPC and the national dermatology societies listed in the attachment.

Membership can be applied by individual persons dedicated to improving skin health care as well as by societies and parties. For details of membership, a specific paper will be developed. There is an explicit aim to collaborate with national and international dermatology societies, with other specialties and with health political players across the world. In the light of limited resources, any use of existing data, methods, projects and devices will be welcome to the GCIGSH.”